Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yay! for Husbands!

Last year,when we were saving up all of our pennies for a down payment & various moving expenses, I saw the 25th Anniversary Star Trek Next Generation Pez set, & I really wanted it. (Because I am a giant nerd) But...we were saving all of our money...and I couldn't justify spending $15-$20 on something I didn't really it stayed on the shelf...

Until today :) Looky looky what The Husband searched all of the local WalMarts for:
Yay for husbands! It's been over a year & it was such a surprise this morning when he handed it to me :) & Of course my 7 year old daughter asked for the candy. Um, no, not opening this. We'll go to the store later & buy you your own Pez & a cute dispenser. For now it's hidden in my bedroom where no one can touch it. Did I mention Yay! for husbands?

1 comment:

  1. That is the best story!! Don't you just love how they'll surprise you with something so thoughtful that you thought that had been forgotten about.