Sunday, September 15, 2013

*THIS* Is Why It Takes Me So Long to Get Anything Done

                                               Oh, were you using this? We had no idea
                      Don't you have some dishes to wash, or some laundry to fold, or something?
                                                  Maybe if we ignore her, she'll go away
                                                       Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep
                                                   Seriously, just pretend she isn't there
                                             What? You got up, we thought you were done
                                        You might as well give up, you can't win, you know
                          Do you think other cats have so much trouble training their humans?
                                                 Poor dear, she is a bit thick, isn't she?

These pictures were taken over the course of about 90 minutes. Both cats were removed from the quilt & placed on the floor between each picture. *Neither* of them will set paw near a finished quilt, but I do go through this exact process every. single. time I try to sew something. Currently both cats have made themselves quite comfortable on my half-quilted quilt, & I have officially given up for the moment. Eventually I will pry their furry butts off of it & try again, but for now, they win.

The quilt I'm currently NOT working on is a 1 1/2" postage stamp quilt made up of most of the remainder of my blue scraps. It will finish out at around 81" X 96". I'm really hoping that once it's washed & dried it crinkles up & gets that poofy-loofy look that my hand-quilted postage stamp did.

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  1. Wow, that is an awesome quilt - 1.5" squares! And a large size. Not easy to quilt on the home machine at the best of times.... But with two cats napping on it? You were right to give up for the day! You are going to have to put another work in progress somewhere to distract them! Ha, ha!

  2. Love your captions... thanks for some smiles!

  3. Thanks for following on Bloglovin! Kudos to you on making postage stamp quilts. I'm working my way up to them slowly by just cutting down scraps from other quilts project to postage size as I go because I think I'd have a hard time convincing myself to cut out all the postage stamp squares that I'd need for a quilt in one shot.

    Those furry friends can make quilting a challenge. I've recently discovered that my dog likes to drink from my pitcher of water meant to go into the iron.

  4. Aw, but they're so cute! LOL!