Saturday, October 26, 2013



* Steelers Quilt
* Halloween quilt #1
* Halloween Quilt #2
* The Pink Quilt
* The Pet Quilt
* Postage Stamp jelly roll quilt
* Monster High cheater quilt
* Denim Rag Quilt
* Christmas Mouse Joy Quilt
* Star Surround quilt
* Lucky Star quilt
* Rainbow scraps quilt
* Random Scraps quilt #1
* Random Scraps quilt #2
* Baby Quilt
* Bunny quilt


* Pink & Purple granny square afghan
* Rainbow afghan ~ may frog
* Strip afghan
* 2 Scarves


* Baby sweater
* Baby Afghan
* Christening gown
* Hat & mitten set
* Black hat


* 3 baby hats
* Random square scrap quilt
* Slapped together dog blankie
* Hat for S&S

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some Giveaways

Quilty Type Giveaways

+ Studio Stash Collection ~ See How We Sew ~ 10/10
+ 14 FQ Bundle from Stash Modern  Fabrics ~ Red Pepper Quilts ~ 10/11
+ Simply Style charm pack ~ Sassy Quilter ~
+ FQ set of Trucks & Tractors ~ The Sometimes Crafter ~
+ $20 Southern Fabrics GC ~ Katie's Quilting Corner ~

Some older ones if you missed 'em

+ Lucey Longarm ($21,900 value) ~ APQS ~ 12/5
+ Alison Glass FQ Bundle (these are really awesome fabrics) ~ Alison Glass Blog ~
+ Fabric for Life (52 yards a year/20 years) ~ Keepsake Quilting ~
+ Northcott Magical Dragons FQ Bundle ~ Heart Zipper ~

Not Quilty but still Good

+ HP Pavilion Desktop ~ Rita's Reviews ~  11/4
+ Udderly Smooth pp (best handcream for crafters, really really) ~ Mommy's Memorandum ~ \
+ $250 WalMart GC ~ Mom Luck

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yay! for Husbands!

Last year,when we were saving up all of our pennies for a down payment & various moving expenses, I saw the 25th Anniversary Star Trek Next Generation Pez set, & I really wanted it. (Because I am a giant nerd) But...we were saving all of our money...and I couldn't justify spending $15-$20 on something I didn't really it stayed on the shelf...

Until today :) Looky looky what The Husband searched all of the local WalMarts for:
Yay for husbands! It's been over a year & it was such a surprise this morning when he handed it to me :) & Of course my 7 year old daughter asked for the candy. Um, no, not opening this. We'll go to the store later & buy you your own Pez & a cute dispenser. For now it's hidden in my bedroom where no one can touch it. Did I mention Yay! for husbands?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

In spite of the lovely help I received from the cats, this quilt is finally done. It only took 3 weeks from start to finish; not a bad time for me.
 I may have figured out why it's so much harder quilting with my current sewing machine vs how easy it was on my old Singer. And more importantly, I think I've figured out how to make adjustments to compensate for a less powerful motor, a smaller throat, & an expensive walking foot that pushes the top fabric forward instead of feeding it even with the bottom layer.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

BlogLovin Claim Post

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

*THIS* Is Why It Takes Me So Long to Get Anything Done

                                               Oh, were you using this? We had no idea
                      Don't you have some dishes to wash, or some laundry to fold, or something?
                                                  Maybe if we ignore her, she'll go away
                                                       Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep
                                                   Seriously, just pretend she isn't there
                                             What? You got up, we thought you were done
                                        You might as well give up, you can't win, you know
                          Do you think other cats have so much trouble training their humans?
                                                 Poor dear, she is a bit thick, isn't she?

These pictures were taken over the course of about 90 minutes. Both cats were removed from the quilt & placed on the floor between each picture. *Neither* of them will set paw near a finished quilt, but I do go through this exact process every. single. time I try to sew something. Currently both cats have made themselves quite comfortable on my half-quilted quilt, & I have officially given up for the moment. Eventually I will pry their furry butts off of it & try again, but for now, they win.

The quilt I'm currently NOT working on is a 1 1/2" postage stamp quilt made up of most of the remainder of my blue scraps. It will finish out at around 81" X 96". I'm really hoping that once it's washed & dried it crinkles up & gets that poofy-loofy look that my hand-quilted postage stamp did.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket.....

I decided this morning I needed to turn this

into a Halloween basket for my daughter. Because I have a) no (crafting) impulse control & b) no ability to realistically estimate how long something will take to make (in spite of the fact that I have made baskets before), I went on ahead & did so.

I like him :) More importantly, my daughter likes him. This is the first time I've used a premade form instead of making my own slats or sides & bottoms so there's definitely room for improvement. Still, I have somewhere around 20 more buckets that need fabricatized (it could be a real word). By the time I finish the last one, I should be nigh on perfect at this :)

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

All the Quilts I've Actually Finished (I Think)

1. Doll Quilt

2. 3' Squares, print/pattern checkerboard
~No picture available; quilt was left out in weather for months & rotted~
3. "Chaos" blocks quilt

4. Red & Yellow Bargello

5. Valentine Log Cabin

6. 4" or 5" block quilt

7. HCHS Bear quilt

9. Pixelated Angel Quilt

10. Halloween Bear quilt

8. Donation quilt

11. Striped quilt

12. Cat Quilt

13. Postage Stamp scrap quilt
 14. Pink & Gray Teddy Bear Quilt
~ No picture available; may be able to access in future ~

15. Blue Postage Stamp Scrap Quilt

16. Dog Blanket
17. Rag Quilt

18. Steelers Quilt

19. Red Stripes Quilt

20.Girly Quilt

21. Christmas Quilt

21. Baby Quilt
22. Summer Quilt

Friday, August 16, 2013

WAY Outside of My Comfort Zone

I'm a firm believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone & trying new things (at least, you know, crafty stuff), so when I saw a giveaway for a Simplicity Prize Pack, I thought, eh, I'll throw in a couple entries. It included Simplicity Pattern #1602, designed by Heather from The Sewing Loft, & all the supplies needed to make a bag.
I don't make bags, & I have never used a pattern like this. I think it shows the incredible high quality of the instructions that I was actually able to make this.

Please ignore my mess. I poof destruction like a wizard when I sew. Or cook. Or Knit. Or basically do anything creative.

So, it isn't perfect, but it's done :) And my daughter likes it, & that's what counts.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

Found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the planet. I just made a batch & they are so super soft & yummy.

Honestly, this is pretty impressive, since I don't make great cookies. I'm going to have to try this trick with sugar cookies & Dutch Chocolate cookies, see if it works with them, too :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lucky Stars Quilt Top

Yay! It's finally finished! My first Quilt Along quilt.When I saw this over at Quilt Story I really really wanted to make it; it's such a pretty design. To make the design fit my life & my abilities, I shrunk the blocks down to 7 1/2" & made the layout 9 X 11. Now I have a nice, full size bed quilt (top).

It's such a dark, dingy day I just couldn't seem to get a good picture that really shows the colors.

Ah, well. Maybe once it's quilted & bound I'll be able to get a really good photo on a nice, sunny day :) I'm linking up to Quilt Story's Linky Stars Finishes. A warm thank you to the lovely Heather & Megan for the beautiful design & also for hosting this QAL.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

+ Borax Sweepstakes ~ de
+ Longarm ~ de
+ Alison Glass FQ Bundle ~ dt ~ 31 days of giveaways; check each day

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lucky Stars Quilt-A-Long

There is a QAL going on on Quilt Story that I just may join, & of course there are prizes

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spiced Pancakes with Apple Topping ~ For Future Reference

I was actually right in the middle of making this when the electric went out :( The Princess & I ended up having a cold lunch with nicely cooked apples (That's as far as I got before the stove stopped working. Ah, well. The apples were good. Saving the recipe for some future breakfast.

Spiced Pancakes with Apple Topping