Sunday, August 25, 2013

All the Quilts I've Actually Finished (I Think)

1. Doll Quilt

2. 3' Squares, print/pattern checkerboard
~No picture available; quilt was left out in weather for months & rotted~
3. "Chaos" blocks quilt

4. Red & Yellow Bargello

5. Valentine Log Cabin

6. 4" or 5" block quilt

7. HCHS Bear quilt

9. Pixelated Angel Quilt

10. Halloween Bear quilt

8. Donation quilt

11. Striped quilt

12. Cat Quilt

13. Postage Stamp scrap quilt
 14. Pink & Gray Teddy Bear Quilt
~ No picture available; may be able to access in future ~

15. Blue Postage Stamp Scrap Quilt

16. Dog Blanket
17. Rag Quilt

18. Steelers Quilt

19. Red Stripes Quilt

20.Girly Quilt

21. Christmas Quilt

21. Baby Quilt
22. Summer Quilt

Friday, August 16, 2013

WAY Outside of My Comfort Zone

I'm a firm believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone & trying new things (at least, you know, crafty stuff), so when I saw a giveaway for a Simplicity Prize Pack, I thought, eh, I'll throw in a couple entries. It included Simplicity Pattern #1602, designed by Heather from The Sewing Loft, & all the supplies needed to make a bag.
I don't make bags, & I have never used a pattern like this. I think it shows the incredible high quality of the instructions that I was actually able to make this.

Please ignore my mess. I poof destruction like a wizard when I sew. Or cook. Or Knit. Or basically do anything creative.

So, it isn't perfect, but it's done :) And my daughter likes it, & that's what counts.

Linking up with Link A Finish Friday & Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

Found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the planet. I just made a batch & they are so super soft & yummy.

Honestly, this is pretty impressive, since I don't make great cookies. I'm going to have to try this trick with sugar cookies & Dutch Chocolate cookies, see if it works with them, too :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lucky Stars Quilt Top

Yay! It's finally finished! My first Quilt Along quilt.When I saw this over at Quilt Story I really really wanted to make it; it's such a pretty design. To make the design fit my life & my abilities, I shrunk the blocks down to 7 1/2" & made the layout 9 X 11. Now I have a nice, full size bed quilt (top).

It's such a dark, dingy day I just couldn't seem to get a good picture that really shows the colors.

Ah, well. Maybe once it's quilted & bound I'll be able to get a really good photo on a nice, sunny day :) I'm linking up to Quilt Story's Linky Stars Finishes. A warm thank you to the lovely Heather & Megan for the beautiful design & also for hosting this QAL.